Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Grandmas

There are a lot of grandmas in our family...grampas too. I had three great grandmas that I knew... Grandpa Roger's two grandmothers, Grandma Clara Dean and Grandma Edith Cecil (later Coppinger), and Grandma Janiece's grandmother, Grandma Nora Pearson.
Grandma Pearson was born in 1880 and died in 1987, so she was almost 107. Her full name was Nora Louisa Buchanan...Kendra's middle name, Louise, was because of Nora Louisa (and also Grandpa Lou).
Here are some pictures of her:

She is about 18 years old here, in the center of the back row. She had long red hair and a feisty personality. Her parents were Julia and John Buchanan. Her father's father, John Buchanan, was in the Mormon Battalion. She lived on a ranch in southern Utah; she made quilts, churned butter, made cheese and her own soap.

Here is Grandma Pearson holding me (Grandma Pat) when I was about 2 years old...See the tape on the bottom of my shoe...that was to keep me from slipping.

The little boy in this picture is Karl; I'm in the back with the long hair; next to me is my mom, Grandma Janiece; in front of me on the right is Grandma Della, her mother, and on the left is Grandma Pearson, who was Della's that confusing? It's like a family train....

Gma Pearson had Grandma Della who had Grandma Janiece who had Grandma Pat who had Karl (and Kendra, Michael, David, Mark and Kaity)

More about other grandmas later....

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