Monday, August 3, 2009

Parables for our Times

Two testimonies in Sacrament meeting yesterday had great analogies....first was Diana's Wright's "Parable of the Pool Sweep"

Diana has been carrying on the family pool maintenance business since her husband's untimely death a few months ago, and told how she had been struggling with repairing a customer's pool sweep. She would work on it only to have it fail again in a few days. Finally she discovered that a small water intake tube was clogged,preventing the sweep from traveling in a straight line to perform its cleaning job. Until she discovered this, the pool sweep just went in pointless circles...she "likened" this to how sometimes our lives get "clogged" with things that keep us from going straight and reaching our eternal goals...we just keep going in circles and getting no where...what is clogged in our lives so our prayers don't get through? It takes careful analysis (pondering and introspection) to find and clean out the clog.

Dylan Callahan had just returned from the Teachers' High Adventure hike...he told the Parable of the GPS...they were hiking to a lake and the kids wanted to know how much further. They looked on the said one mile...but of course that was one mile "as the crow flies" directly from point a to point b...they continued hiking back and forth on the switchbacks of the trail...and the GPS still said, after an mile to go. Dylan "likened" this to life...where we don't feel we're making much progress towards the goal because we're caught in the switchbacks of life...

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