Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures from the Past

The Way it Was....before Oakhurst, while the neighborhood was filled with almond trees...our street...Cardinet Dr. was named for George Cardinet who owned the Cardinet Candy Company...they made Uno bars (which used to be good...sort of like eating a fluffy chocolate milkshake...they're different now) Our neighborhood used to be the almond orchard for the candy company.

Here's our house while it still had the almond trees in front...remember "knocking almonds" in the fall? We'd let them dry out on the patio; then dad would fill gunny sacks and take them to a "huller" in year we got 400 lbs. of shelled almonds! I used to sell them for $1.00 a lb. And we'd make a lot of toasted almonds and English Toffee. (To toast almonds: fill a 9 x 13 pan with almonds and bake at 275 degrees for a couple of hours...until a little creamy inside; then stir in a cube of margerine...don't use butter as it will go rancid if the almonds are stored very long...and sprinkle with salt...turn off the oven and leave overnight or several hours until cool.)

Before the pool...wasn't I a good mother to let Karl and Michael Busch swim in the mud pit in the back yard...of course Karl was my only things were still pretty much under control...I made that shirt Karl is wearing...I used to make most of his shirts (thanks to Stretch and Sew)...I really didn't have enough to do! Actually I was just being frugal...following in the footsteps of Gma Eck and Gma Dorothy...I don't think I bought myself a "store-made" dress the first 12 years I was married.

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  1. I MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH! mom you are so great. i think it is so cute that you use to make all of karl's clothes. man i need to learn how to sew for realsies. oh, and i had no idea that they used the almonds for a candy company. that is so fun! i wish i could come home RIGHT NOW and make toasted almonds. collecting all those almonds is one of my favorite childhood memories. i was so sad every time we cut an almond tree down. i loved to climb all those, except almond bark is really scratchy. but it was worth the scrapes and scratches.