Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recently Read ( Aug 5-11)

On Amazon this book has 662 5-star reviews!

The Help ...I starting listening to this(on Wednesday, Aug 5) (it's 21 hours!)...and went out and bought the book (sorry, there I go again)...because there are so many choice parts I feel like underlining!...(Sunday, Aug 9)finished listening/ really enjoyed it...thought provoking and a good ending! Highly recommended.

Maisie Dobbs...I read this a couple of years ago but reread before continuing on with the next books in the reminds me of the Anne Perry mysteries set around WWI...I also went on the author's web site and enjoyed reading about her background.

The Penderwicks ....sent this to Amber for the kids... a new kids reminded me of Little Women, the Happy Hollisters, the Boxcar Children, but taking place in the present... love a lot of Dean Koontz...but the last couple have been unremarkable...better books by Koontz: the Watchers, Midnight, the Face, Odd Thomas , Life Expectancy, By the Light of the Moon. Skip his early stuff (before about 1990)

Double Identity .... upper elementary, young adult....Margaret Haddix is best known for her "Shadow Children" series...the first is Among the Hidden . Also good is Running Out of Time.

Found...another (the first in a new series) by Margaret Haddix...sent this to Amber too...I thought Alec and Sadie would like it.

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