Monday, September 14, 2009

Recently Read (Sept)

It's turning out to be a medieval month...I listened again to Mistress of the Art of Death...before reading her newest book in the series...sort of medieval CSI or Bones.... (the audible reader, Kate Reading, is wonderful to listen to)
Mistress of the Art of Death opens with a clever takeoff on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, which introduces the central players, a group of pilgrims returning from the shrine of the newly canonized St. Thomas à Becket: a prior and a prioress (from rival abbeys); two knights, lately returned from the Crusades; an overweight but very shrewd tax collector; a gaggle of citizens; and three Gypsies, who are in fact secret investigators sent by the king of Sicily to discover the truth behind a series of gruesome murders near Cambridge.

The Serpent's Tale ....which I actually read last year since it wasn't out yet on Audible (but it is now)...continues the story of Adelia...the medieval Miss Marple...

"A deliciously dark and effective concoction of historical fiction, suspense, romance, adventure and forensics." -Miami Herald

and now the third installment...Grave Goods

When Glastonbury Abbey, one of England’s holiest sites, is burned to the ground, Henry summons the “Mistress of the Art of Death” to identify two skeletons found among the rubble. Could they be the bodies of the legendary King Arthur and his Lady Guinevere? King Henry hopes so. News of King Arthur’s demise would help him snuff out the rebellion in Wales for good.

Again, listening to Kate Reading adds to the enjoyment of this series...

The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker is the 10th installment in Michael Jecks medieval mystery series....there are 28 books now in the series and while not exactly "page turners" (he spends a lot of time throwing you red herrings but his solutions are still pretty obvious )....butyou learn a lot of fascinating info about this period of English history....the first in the series is The Last's good to read them in order as the lives of the main characters unfold throughout the series...

And back to the present....a woman sheriff in Arizona...The 13th in Jance's Joanna Brady series, Damage Control....again...a good basic mystery series...again good to read sort of in order as the life of the main character, Joanna Brady, is part of the charm of the story.

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