Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool Old People (related to you)

Grandpa Earle....Earle Holmes Dean
(Grandpa Roger's father, my grandfather, Gma Dorothy's husband, Aunt Thelma's brother.)

I love this picture...probably taken about 1930 (1930 US Census..he gives occupation as salesman for bread company)
He worked for Wonder Bread who sponsored The Lone Ranger radio program...all their drivers dressed like this. He had a bread delivery route that went from Oakland out to Oakley...he'd stop at little stores all along the way to deliver Wonder Bread...sometimes Gpa Roger(about 8 yrs old at the time) would go with him. They'd be gone two or three days.

Here he is about 1920...cool haircut, huh...kind of reminds me of Lyle Lovett.
Notice the two missing fingers....he lost those in some sort of accident in a machine shop where he worked as a teenager...it was somewhat tragic since his mother, Clara Browning Dean, had visions of him as a concert pianist from the age of 5. She had great ambitions for him and although he still played the piano after the accident (our piano is Gpa Dean's piano)...he certainly could not continue on to being a professional musician...it's interesting that in the 1920 census, while he was still single and living at home, he listed his profession as "musician". On his WWI draft registration he lists his occupation as truck driver. But in his mind he was a musician....later he became an insurance agent.
"Spooning" with Gma Dorothy! 1921

With Gma Dorothy and Gpa Roger, who's about 9, and Thelma, married to "Uncle Bill"(Wilbert) Crane with their daughter, Pat...about 1932.

He's about 5 years old here(and doesn't look very happy)...the family is now living in Denver, Colorado. His father, Jesse Lyons Dean worked for International Harvester as a salesman and traveled, taking orders and delivering parts to farmers and ranchers from Denver down to Pueblo, Colorado, and across into Clayton, New Mexico. Earle was born in Pueblo, his sister, Thelma in Clayton, New Mexico.

See where Karl got his curly hair!

Here he is (with his hair well combed down) about age 8 with sister Thelma and (from left to right) his great grandmother, Cecelia Knapp Sherwood, grandmother, Isabella Sherwood Browning, and mother, Clara Browning Dean.

Another while living in Colorado, with sister, Thelma.
I love these pictures of them as children....I see little traces of many of you kids and grandkids.
Another favorite picture...he and Gma Dorothy came with us on our annual trip to Blue Creek up the Klamath River. This was about 1958. He was really happy with his catch that day!


  1. more posts like this!!! this is very helpful putting names to faces and relationships, etc...plus now we all have copies of these pictures!

    And i think i'm remembering a different man with a missing finger....the man i'm thinking of jumped off a truck and hooked his ring on a fence and it tore his finger off....who was that? for some reason i thought it was this guy...but maybe i never met this grandpa?

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  3. Oh, I was just trying to edit my comment....Yea, that was Uncle Les, Gma Janiece's brother down in Fresno...no, you never met this Gpa (except maybe in the pre-existance)....he died in 1966...he was Gpa Roger's father...Gma Dorothy's husband.