Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...Costumes and Scary Things

I need to photoshop this picture....but I was happy just to find it! this is about 1949...I am the little mom made my costume, mostly out of crepe paper (this was before Target)... this was taken in one of the "common areas" at Spartan City ...married housing (barracks) for San Jose State...

Here I am as a 7th grader...1958...I made this "dress" is a pillow case...and not a king size one! I was only about 4'7"

Jumping back a little...about 1950...I'm about 5...this isn't Halloween although this dress became a Halloween costume at some point. My great gma Dean (Clara Browning Dean) cut two of her dresses from the 20's down to make "tea dresses" for me and my cousin Lynn...we had matching parasols and delighted in dressing is Aunt Val in this dress later...she looks much cuter!

Jumping to the present (because I'm not really good at moving pictures around on my blog after uploading them) are Jess, Dave and Penny in Salem, MA last week doing the Ghost Walk.

Here are Brady and Carson a couple of years ago in Cleveland....I made them these cowboy the time I don't think Kendra and I remembered that Cowboys spent most of their time shooting guns...not so politically correct these days! But they liked riding their stick ponys.

Here's Parker...10 months...a cute Halloween kitty.

Here is mean you can't tell? This was a few years ago....

Beautiful witch Sadie...

And what a good brother Christian was to be the "cow" for cowgirl Lindi...don't you love her red boots?

Kendra, Dustin and Brady getting into the Halloween mood....

Kendra as "Annie"....she was Annie for two or three years...we had to get mileage out of the dress I made....and you can see a tiny bit of our Pumpkin Man....and some very scary pumpkins!

Here's Kendra....probably in Denver....Carson the cow and Brady the elephant....but even better is the next year when we tried to get Carson to be the elephant....he really HATED it....can you telll?

That year Brady was a Penguin (he loved March of the many 3 year olds will watch a documentary?) I knit this little penguin hat for him...

Back to the olden days....this was Kendra's dance costume....I don't think she ever wore it for Halloween...too cold!

One of my favorites...1981....Grampa Roger and Karl as CONEHEADS!
Matthew is in the back as Count Dracula with Kendra (Annie)...Michael is looking rather stunned on Gmpa's lap!

Here's Mike at the cub scout pack meeting....

Here's the year Kendra was in kindergarten and I was the witch...she actually didn't recognize me...I was a little TOO scary...and wouldn't go home with me at first.

Earlier....Karl,a pirate (anything to swing a sword, right) and Kendra the baby Indian....I think we inherited the costume from Vicki Ross.

Here are Mark (another pirate year) and the cute Kaity bunny!

Back to Cub Scouts and John helping with the carving... Dave is supervising!

And I saved the scariest picture for last....this has nothing to do with Halloween....but Dave often had very scary HAIR...(Dave, if you really hate this, I can take it off the blog!)

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  1. That is a pretty scary picture mom... one that I'm sure will haunt me the rest of my life. But I'm glad I did crazy stuff with my hair before I got to old... am I too old now? probably...