Monday, October 12, 2009

Montana the Babysitting Dog

The other day I watched the younger boys while Kendra went to the pumpkin farm with Brady. Carson and I made Mother Goose Popcorn and sugar sandwiches (bread buttered and sprinkled with white sugar)...Parker played with the trains in the attic and Montana entertained Kody...she was pretty patient as Kody tried to chew her tail(I didn't let him really get to it!)...after a few minutes though she got up and walked off... Link continues to hide under the table whenever small people are around!

Eventually we moved to the kids favorite activity: How many popsicles can we talk Gma into? (Basically as many as she has in the freezer, because she can't say no to these sweeties!)

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  1. here is a list of things i miss:
    the boys
    i think that is about it.