Friday, October 9, 2009

Recently Read (or skimmed or listened to)

Another "brain" book...things to do to keep your brain yound (if it's old like mine!

Killer Summer
This is where my childhood love of Nancy Drew has taken me for light "escape" reading....actually this helps pass the time while I do boring things like dental insurance.

Ditto above...but Patricia Cornwall's early books about forensic pathologist, Kay Scarpetta were really good (although grisley)...kind of like CSI but without the visuals. Her more recent books and the direction her characters have gone are not so great.

I thought this series by Rick Riordan who did The Young Olympians series might be good for Lindi or's OK but his writing is nowhere as good as Branden Mull's Fablehaven books.

Fascinating to browse through...the science of cooking!

Palmer is another author that passes the time while I do boring stuff.(do you get an idea of how mundane my life is)..he's a Dr...and all of his books have medical settings...this one was pretty interesting because the main character was a woman doctor who had Aperger's syndrome...a condition that the author's 18 year old son has...

Pride and Prejudice
So, this month is the 20th anniversary of our Book Club and this was the first book we read...we met at Marilyn Hulme's...I don't think I read this for that meeting as I had read it in high school, and I'm embarrassed to admit, English major that I am, I'm really not a big Austin you can see from my escape reading I'm usually into more plot driven books that I skim through rapidly, just hitting the high points...

But I determined this time to really read the book..(I love the movies...the costumes, the scenery, they're beautiful)...and I did, sort of...I listened to it on Audible...and actually enjoyed it quite a bit...she is very caustic and witty...but it's 13 hours to listen to (and the reader was excellent)...and the last 5 or 6 hours I set my IPhone on double speed and listened to it REALLY FAST! I did buy the Annotated Pride and's fascinating reading the background of a lot of the things from that era. And I bought the BBC miniseries and the recent movie and checked out of the library the movie Becoming while I'll never read Austin for pleasure...I have come to admire her and see why she's considered so great.

Final Theory:A Novel

Alpert's exciting debut takes the premise that Albert Einstein succeeded in discovering a unified field theory, but hid the result, fearing it could lead to weapons far more powerful than the atom bomb. In the present day, several contenders—the U.S. government, a savage mercenary bent on revenge, various scientists—all scramble to uncover the theory.
Good....another better book involving Einstein...Three Days to Never by Tim Smith.

An EPIC historical novel that takes place in the America of 1792 and involves James Fenemore Cooper's characters (Hawkeye and son) from Last of the Mohicans.
The book is almost 900 pages (I listened to it...30 hours worth) was very good (although the 29 year old Englishwoman heroine seems very "modern" to me) BUT at the end Donati leaves you with a cliffhanger! Elizabeth is pregnant with twins and they aren't born by the end of the have to go on to the next book in the series! I may, but not right away.

Dragonfly in Amber
While I was into historical epics, I checked out the CDs for book two of Gabaldon's Outlander series (she's just published book 7 of the series)...I read Outlander a number of years ago...sort of a time travel/historical novel book...the modern day(well, 1945) heroine steps through a cleft in some rocks in the Scottish highlands and is transported to 1743 Scotland and is involved (both romantically and historically) with a Scots warrior Jamie Fraser...she returns to the present 3 years later pregnant with her daughter...she's got some "splaining" to do! Be advised...tastefully PG13.

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  1. hahahha I love that you listened to Pride and Prejudice on "double speed". Too funny.