Sunday, October 4, 2009

While I'm at it...Kathy Barber's Pie Crust

All Ready Pie Crust is a great invention...and Marie Callendar's is even better (but only for one crust pies)....but if you want to really do a "from scratch" pie...this is the best crust I've found...thanks to my pie baking friend...Kathy Barber!

Pie Crust
(this makes two and bottom...for a large 10" pie, or 3 or 4 8" crusts)

Cut together:
1 C Crisco
2 C flour
1/2 t salt

1/4 C cold water
1 egg
1 T white vinegar

Add to flour mixture, blend with a fork and gather into a ball. Don't handle too much. Cover your bread board with a flour sack type "tea towel", flour board and roll out "lightly" as Gma Dorothy used to say, pinching the edges as you roll so you don't get cracks.

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  1. Mom you shouldn't have posted this one, now I won't have to call home to get the receipt from you... which I usually end up doing once a year or so.