Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recently Read

I haven't listed the books I've read/listened to this month...there are more, but once I turn them in to the library(the CDs) I totally forget them...

Our book club is reading The Wednesday Letters ...I borrowed a copy last week and tomorrow is book club and I still haven't read it...I have a hard time with these sort of "formula" books...

A good series that takes place in England during the reign of Henry the Eighth...start with his earlier books to see the character development and all the political/religious goings on of the time.

The Last Child A fairly good mystery/suspense novel.

The Hunger Games Excellent young adult...reminds me of Shirley Jacksons short story "The Lottery" book in series is Catching Fire...third to be published next summer...

In the Woods by Tana French OK mystery...takes place in Ireland...disappointing ending after a whole book referring to what happened "In the Woods" ...we never find out!

The Moonpool another OK mystery...has to do with nuclear plants...the detective has two german shepherds named Frick and Frack that play key roles in the book.

Black Water Rising ...pretty interesting....about a black lawyer in Houston in the 80's and his activities in the 70's in the civil rights movement.

What the Dead Know ...a well written mystery...if you like suspense/mystery books.

I only listened to this because someone gave me a copy...Dan Brown just goes on and on and on!What a mediocre writer...if it's a "page turner" it's because you keep turning pages to see if you'll ever get to the end!

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  1. haha I am listening to the Lost Symbol right now as well. It is evident in his writing that Dan Brown is a bit full of himself... He IS professor Langdon