Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Utah

Thanksgiving in Utah

We survived the plane trip with the four little boys, mainly by giving everyone a screen to to SLC, rented the car, got on the road to Logan, and made it through the snowy canyon at about 25 mph following behind a big truck!

We got to Karl and Amber's where all the cousins had great fun having more kids to play with...and we got to see Aunt Kaity!

This morning after the kids got off to school Kendra, Amber, the boys and I went to the "cookie story" (Pepperidge Farms outlet) and then back to the cheese factory to get Goessner flavored milks and "squeaky cheese." Then home to play with toys and playdo and wait for the cousins (Sadie and Lindi) get home from school.

We had fun reading and going to The Book Table...

and we did some knitting....

Karl entertained us blowing up a giant weather balloon!

The tension grew....would it pop????
Bigger yet.... It touched the ceiling a minute later....!!!!

Here's a quieter activity...the gingerbread house....

The kids are eager to go out and play in the snow...but we Californians didn't bring snow was too hard.

Carson informed me that Jesus made Utah before California.
He helped Lindie clean up her "Ladybug Room"

Brady and Sadie with all the Harry Potter Legos

More gingerbread...

Dinner's almost ready!

Mike was in charge of the "Matt's Savories"

6 hours to cook...6 minutes to eat! But it was yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  2. Yeah! it was so fun to have you all here. i am SO excited to come home and hang out for a whole month!