Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karl!

December 3, 1969....Happy Birthday...Jochim Karl Christian Nieman (what were we thinking?)
(I've got a more pictures to add when I figure out where they are!)

Here are 4 generations of Nieman...all oldest sons I think. Grampa Walter, Grampa Gil, Dad, Karl(in the blanket)!

Karl on his blessing day.

Learning to walk...11 months.

Two years old...the elephant cake.

The cutest picture...Karl in leiderhosen John got at a postal auction.

One of many fishy pictures.

Karl holding new sister, Kendra. It's about this time he used to call me into the bathroom and watch him...he was practicing being baptized...I had to see if he totally submerged...not easy in our bathtub as big as he was getting...he'd come up and ask, "Would that count?"

Karl, Kendra and our little dog Peanuts.

Karl, Kendra, and Michael. Someone went to Hawaii and brought home wasn't us.

Karl in the mud pits around our almond trees before we built the pool. He wearing a shirt I made...I used to make all of his t shirts.

Swimming in the mud with Mike Busch.

A big fish caught while up at Grandma and Grampa Ecks in Gasquet.

Playing chess with Gpa Gil.

Baptizing Kaity.

High school graduation picture.

With Gpa and Gma Eck down in Fresno just before he left on his mission. They are standing in front of our "potato" van.

Karl the missionary...mission to Paraguay.

Bringing Amber home to meet the folks...they got engaged the next weekend.

Married in Salt Lake Temple.

We weren't good about getting pictures when Karl got his Eagle, but here he is with Mark.

Receiving his doctorate from Utah State!

The Nieman brothers...

The Karl and Amber Nieman branch of the family tree! We love you bunches!

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