Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not Grandma Sycamore's but....

So having returned from Thanksgiving in Utah, we are suffering Grandma Sycamore's Bread withdrawal (especially Kendra)...this was a recipe found online that perports to be similar to that's not, but was still very good. There is no fat in it unless the lecithin is considered a fat substitute. It's more like french bread. The crust is very "crusty" and can be softened by rubbing with a cube of butter after it comes out of the oven.
Here is the recipe and the modifications I made...because of course I couldn't really follow a recipe...

Not Grandma Sycamore's Bread

10 1/2 C bread flour ( I used about 9 1/2C King Arthur's Bread Flour plus 1/2 C gluten flour...the dough was very sticky and light, more like roll dough)
4 C hot water (115 degrees measured with instant read thermometer)
3 T SAF yeast
1/2 C sugar
1 T salt
I also added the grated zest of one orange (just to make it smell really good)
3 T granulated lecithin (from Harvest House) The recipe called for liquid lecithin which is why I cut back a bit on the flour...if you used honey instead of white sugar you might use the full 10 1/2 C flour.

Dump water, half the flour, salt, and sugar into mixing bowl. Blend, then add lecithin, yeast and additional flour. Save out the last cup of flour until you see how dry the dough is. I found another blog site about making bread that had a good tutorial:

She was making wheat bread and using a recipe more like Simple Bread...but the tip I liked was to let the bread knead about 5 minutes, then let it "rest" 7 minutes, then continue kneading another 5 minutes. That seemed to make a difference. After 5 minutes, my bread was "leaving" the sides of the mixing bowl...but after resting and kneading some more, it became very sticky again...I was tempted to add more flour but didn't. I scraped it into a bowl sprayed with Pam (another tip of hers) sprayed the top of the dough with Pam, then covered with a warm (wetted) terry cloth hand towel and put in a slightly warmed oven...I came back after 30 minutes and the dough was EXPLODING over the sides of the bowl...I quickly dumped it out onto my greased counter (using oiled hands ) divided into three loaves and placed in Pam sprayed bread pans, let raise barely another 30 minutes (be careful not to let the bread raise so much it falls back into itself...this is "over-proofed") and baked at 325 (I have a convection oven...bake at 350 in a regular oven) for 30 might take 5 minutes or so longer in a regular oven...then buttered the top and dumped out on the bread board after cooling for 5 minutes in the pans. It was perfectly done...I tend to under bake and have a doughy middle, but this was completely done...

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  1. this was good....but not grandma sycamore's bread. so good name for the bread. i'm still trying to get ahold of amber and get her to ship me a supply!!!