Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kendra!

Happy birthday, Kendra...
Beautiful blue eyes...reminds me of Parker, don't you think?

We always thought Kendra and John had similar hairlines and eyebrows...fortunately Kendra got a lot more hair...John's went the other direction....

Sorry...we didn't have "For the Strength of the Youth " pamphlet!

Loved sports!

With cousin Matt...

What a cutie!

My favorite "Kendra Story" is when she had just turned 3, she was "writing" her name with some crayons on some paper...I went over and asked, "Oh, is this the K?" and she turned to me and with great patience said, "Superman does not begin with a K" Oh...she wore this shirt a lot, and a cape! And had her own Star Wars guys and GI Joe guys...

She was day the Ross's called because they found a dead rat (or maybe it was a pet...I don't remember) and no one would touch it (including the parents) to get rid of Kendra went down with rubber gloves and disposed of it.

Cute freckles!

More sports!

A Christmas the play Sister Mull (mother of Fablehaven author, Brandon Mull) wrote for our ward Christmas party...she and Summer Mull were/are great friends!

A good softball her dad.

Student body president of Clayton Valley High...gave a great speech at graduation!

We're so grateful she survived this accident!

Kendra and Dustin...a great partnership!

Thanks for the great grandkids!

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