Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recently Read

January...this past month's reading (and listening)

The Heretic's Daughter (audio)by Kathleen Kent
The author is a descendent of one of the women hanged as a witch in Salem, MA in 1692. She combines the historical records with family stories that have been passed down for a very insightful telling of this strange and fascinating episode of colonial history...if you love historical fiction you'l love is told from the point of view of Martha Carrier's (the supposed witch) 10 year old daughter who was also arrested and held in prison several months.

The Lovely Bones....Alice Sebold
I resisted reading this until recently when Aunt Val said it was good...and it was, despite the subject matter...I haven't seen the movie...usually the movie isn't as good as the book.

Laura Lippmann(audio)...No Good Deeds
Just a mystery...fairly good.

Steve Martini(audio)...Guardian of Lies

David Baldacci(audio)....First Family

Tanya Gibson...How to Buy a Love of Reading
I got this because the title was intriguing ...but I just couldn't get into it! It was really annoying...and I had checked it out of the library (since I'm trying to cut back on excessive book buying) and had to return it.

Lise Eliot...Pink Brain, Blue Brain
Another "brain book" on gender differences...but this one says the initial differences are quite small and may have been exaggerated by recent popular books...always fascinating reading about the brain!


  1. mom HOW can you read SO many books? I think you read more books in a week than i do in a year (textbooks not included)

  2. Most of these (marked audio) I LISTENED's what I do instead of watching TV or listening to talk radio or music while driving or doing the mostly mundane things that fill my life...I don't have a lot of people around to talk to.