Friday, February 26, 2010

Cool Old People Related to you: Walter Gilbert Nieman and Ida Liebman

Well, I was feeling bad that I couldn't put up as many pictures for your Nieman ancestors as my Dean side, so I went prowling around the attic in all the boxes Dad brought home from Grampa Gil's...and I found a TON of photos! So I'll post a few now, but add more later as I get them scanned.

This is how I remember Grampa (Walter) Nieman. His wife had died and he lived in their Santa Cruz home. Here he is with Karl about 1973.

Walter and Ida Nieman are Dad's grandparents on his father's side...Grampa Gil's parents.
Walter Nieman is the youngest boy in the middle. He was born 23 May 1888 in Hamburg, Marathon, Wisconsin. His brother, Edward is on the right; brother William is on his left. His oldest sister, Augusta Wilhelmina, is on the far right; sister Agnes Alma is on the left. Parents, Carl Christian Frederick Nieman and Emilia Albertina Krause Nieman seated.(I think Jeanne looks a little like her)

Here are Walter and his bride, Ida Amelia Maria Liebman on their wedding day, 30 Oct 1913.

Another picture of Ida as a young woman.

Here is Ida...isn't she beautiful?

Walter Nieman...

Here is Walter's WWI draft registration...I love to see their handwriting. The "child" he refers to is Grampa Gil.

The Nieman's lived in Hamburg, Marathon,'s small, it's really COLD! The family farmed, dairy cows mainly. But they were also into fox farming (and later bought the land in Bonny Doon, near Santa Cruz for a fox farm), hunting, and harvesting ginsing roots for export to China. Walter is the one in the middle leaning on the truck, loaded with barrels of ginsing roots.

Here are Walter and Grampa Gil (about 10 years old)...they are boiling down maple syrup. The picture needs to be photoshopped...double click on it to see it better.

This is really hard to see...but it's Walter (on the right) with a MOOSE he shot!
Kendra...maybe you can edit these and we can replace them with clearer images?

Well, I have LOTs more...but that will have to do for today!

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  1. Hi, my name is Debbie Nieman. I share a few of the same photos that you posted. My father in law was Gibert's brother, Harold. My son Blake saw your site and shared it with me. My husband Bob was the only child of Harold and Justine Nieman. We have three son's Bryce (29), Kyle (26), & Blake (24). Thank you for posting the pictures and notes. Although I didn't know Uncle Gilbert very well, he was such a sweet man and such a gentleman.