Sunday, February 21, 2010

Object Lessons: The Magic Eraser

Ever since I taught seminary (or maybe also because of being an English teacher), I've become much more aware of teaching gosple principles with analogies or "object lessons." It's one of the best ways to "liken the scriptures unto us"...and modeled by the master teacher, Christ, as He taught in parables. So on occasion, when I hear a good one, I'll include it me any you run across or think of and I'll add them.

Today in RS, as we discussed Agency, Kirsten (Wheeler) Wood told an experience she had this week that had a good gosple application. Her little boy, Thomas (about 7) had drawn little faces on the tips of his fingers with a red marking pen. As he got his hands wet and touched the walls(in her rented house) he left big red she hurried to get him to school, she thought, "How will I deal with these horrible stains on the walls..." and had the happy thought: Magic Eraser. But she got busy, as mothers do, and put off dealing with the walls, but she couldn't put off worrying about them as they were very evident....finally at the end of the day, she got out her Magic Eraser and scrubbed the stains, very successfully, and continued on through the house "erasing" other little stains and marks. She loved the clean feel of her home and thought...that's like our lives; we are constantly getting "stains" and we have another Magic Eraser....the scriptures. If we will just take the time to daily pick them up and "apply them" we can have that clean feeling every day.

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