Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These Are My Days

Here is a link to an article I enjoyed on Meridian Magazine....These Are My Days by Caroline Allen....even the great prophet Nephi(3) longed for "the good old days" ...

This is actually an article about nutrition and since my Nutrition Action newsletter came today it seemed to be the topic of the day.

This is a great little newsletter that only costs about $10 a year and is full of great information....although this months article about the dangers of ecoli in various things, such as Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough! was hard to read...I guess we'd best freeze up a few batches of homemade cookie dough to have on hand for the dough cravings that seem to run in our family. Last year Nestle had to recall over 3 million packages of refrigerated cookie dough because of ecoli contamination at one of their plants. Now they test every batch...but as recently as January they found ecoli in their product and had to shut down for two weeks while they looked for the source...they never found it. Now Nestle cookie dough is labeled"New Batch" and contains the warning " Do not consume raw cookie dough".Hmmmm, guess I missed the warning!

Since reading The Omnivore's Dilemma it's been a little harder to figure out what to eat....
I felt pretty healthy eating my bowl of Special K ...then I read the label...I guess it's back to cracked wheat!

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