Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cool Old People Related to you: Gilbert O Nieman

Here are 4 generations of Niemans...Walter, Gil, John and Karl(wrapped in the blanket)

Grampa Gil with Kaity...1987

Weltman Bros. used to be a 2 story building...the old Wausau Garage. Gilbert Nieman was born in the apartment over the garage on August 13, 1914.

From the back of the picture..."Gilbert Nieman making love to Geraldine Hahn...March 5, 1916)

Gilbert with his little dog on the milk wagon...1917

The Nieman family home build in 1895 by Joachim Christian Nieman.

Gil and his little lambs...1918

Maple Grove School, Hamburg, Wisconsin. Gil drew an arrow on his white shirt pointing to himself...

Gil in the tent...on a camping trip to Wright's Lake in 1926. On the left is Uncle Bill, his dad's brother.

Gilbert about 1927...13 years old.

Gil is on the lower right with the hat...some of Jeanne's boys look like him in this picture.

1932...about the time he graduated from high school.

On a family vacation to California...about 1933.

1932-33 A college student - University of Wisconsin
He received a degree as a Mining Engineer.

1935... years.

1938...Gil at the fox farm at Bonny Doon, CA

1950..Gil and Virginia with John and Eddie at Bonny Doon


This is the bishopric of the San Jose 1st ward. Gil was bishop for about 10 years.
Front row...Murray Gardner, Bishop Nieman, Clair Gerwin.
Back row...Gerry West, Orson Tyler

A family trip to Wisconsin...Gil on left, Virginia in center back. Can you find John, Ed and Jeanne?

Gil and Virginia, Ed and Jeanne, in Australia. Gil was called to be in charge of the Church Building Missionary program in Australia and New Zealand in 1960. They were there about 3 years.

Grampa Gil at work at Western Cast Stone in Chula Vista. This is the company they started after the Building Committee was disbanded.

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