Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Cool Old People Related to You: Virginia Parry Nieman

Virgina Parry was born 11 Dec 1910, the seventh child of John and Emma Parry. She was born in Elsinore, Utah. I think she had polio when a small girl but recovered. Her father died when she was 14 and the family moved up to Salt Lake City. She was one of six daughters. She was a tennis player and a swimmer. She went to secretarial school...I'll have to find out more. She and one of her sisters,Joyce, went to San Francisco to work in the financial district as secretaries. She loved to recite the streets that ran out 19th avenue on the bus line...they're alphabetical. In about 1939 she and Joyce went to Honolulu to work. Can you imagine your Grandma Virginia being such an adventurous young woman! That was where she met Grampa Gil, working as a civil engineer for the military, building air fields as the threat from the Japanese built up in the Pacific.
In 1941 most of the American mainlanders were advised to leave the island. She and Joyce went down to the Cunard Lines to buy their tickets, but Virginia had just met this cute guy, Gilbert Nieman, (and she was 30 years old!) and so she didn't buy hers. Joyce went without her. Virgina was there on Dec 7 1941. She remembered standing in front of her house in Honolulu and seeing the Japanese planes fly over on their way to Pearl Harbor. She and Grampa Gil were married on February 28, 1942. Dad was born there on 17 May 1943 and Ed in August 1945. They returned to California in 1946 and lived in Bonny Doon before moving to San Jose.
This is your Nieman Family Tree I posted on Ancestry...And the Dean Family Tree is here...
I'll add more as I get more info...
She loved flowers and everything Hawaiian.

This is how you kids remember her....

Me holding Michael (pregnant with Dave), Virginia and Kendra. We still had some almond trees in the back yard...and the old camper!

Grandma Janiece, me holding Kendra on her blessing day, Grandma Virginia.(1980)

With Michael..what a look he's giving her!

With her sisters: Jasmine(Ballard) Winnie(Sanders)Virginia, Joyce(Slusser)Kathleen died in 1969.

The five Parry sister (Genevieve died in 1930).
Seated...Virgina, Jasmine, Kathleen; standing...Joyce and Winnie.

I think this little blond girl is Virginia about 5 or 6 with older sister, Winnie.

Now, can you believe this is Virginia, about the time she graduated from high school!

A new hairstyle!

The young secretary...

Virginia with Joyce and Kathleen.

Soon after her marriage. I'll add more as I find more pictures....

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