Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This would make a great novel....

I found this story of one of our ancestors the other day....someone could use it as the basis for a great novel!

Grandma Della (Eck)'s father was Joseph Pearson...his father was Elias Frazer Pearson who at the age of 20 drove a wagon for Heber C Kimball in one of the 1847 companies that left a few days after Brigham Young...,15792,4017-1-276,00.html ....

Elias' father was Jacob Ephraim Pearson, who was the convert, baptized in Massachusetts and emigrated with the Saints to Nauvoo...both Jacob and his wife Rhoda died at Council Bluffs in the winter of 1846.
Jacob's father was Ephraim Pearson...I had his place of death as Savannah, Georgia...and always wondered how he ended up's the story:

Halifax is in Nova Scotia....Algiers is in Northern Africa...imagine if he had kept a journal of his adventures!

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