Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pioneers....the Buchanans

John Buchanan and Nancy Ann Bache

Originally from Scotland, the Buchanan family had moved into Ireland where John Buchanan was born in 1786; his parents died when he was young and he came to America, probably with an uncle's family. (His father's brother's son was James Buchanan, Jr., the 15th President of the United States).

He ended up in Lexington, Kentucky where he met and married Nancy Ann Bache. Most of their children were born in Kentucky...then about 1832, they moved west and settled in Tazewell County, Illinois.

In 1834 early Mormon missionaries taught them the gosple. 14 year old Emmeline was the first baptized in February 1834; John was baptized 23 March 1835; Nancy Ann and daughter Jane and her husband were baptized in September. Eventually the entire family joined.

They soon joined the Saints in Caldwell County, Missouri and suffered the violence and mobbings there. John Buchanan was one of the 56 elders arrested with the Prophet Joseph in Far West and taken to Liberty; after several weeks he was released with most of them and was driven with his family from Missouri to refuge in Illinois.

Here in 1839 John died from cholera or dysentery; two daughters, Catherine and Elnora also died about this time...Nancy Ann took the remainder of her large family to Nauvoo.

The family lived in close association with the Prophet. Daughter Elizabeth was married to Joseph Coolidge who built Joseph's Mansion House. The family was there at the time of the martyrdom and joined with the Saints as they fled Nauvoo.

On 27 Jan 1846 Nancy Ann received her endowments in the Nauvoo temple.

At Winter Quarter's, son, John Buchanan, joined the Mormon Battalion. He was with the group left in Santa Fe for the winter and in the summer of 1847 traveled north to the Salt Lake Valley which he entered on July 27...Brigham Young sent him to scout Cache Valley and then back to Iowa to help move the Saints west. Here he married Adaline Coons before heading back to Utah with the family.

John, as well as several other family members tried to talk his mother into staying in Iowa where a nice farming community had grown...but Nancy Ann, age 62, was determined to join the Saints in the west....all but her oldest two daughters' families came with her.

The family was directed to settle in the Manti area. Nancy Ann lived until 17 Aug 1884, dying at the age of 94. Her granddaughter was Nora Buchanan Pearson, my great grandmother.

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