Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our first Dean in America,,,,Happy Thanksgiving

Walter Deane, "a tanner," came from Chard, England, to America on the "Speedwell" in 1637 with his brother, John.
He became a freeman of Plymouth on December 4, 1638. After a year in Dorchester, he then became one of the founders of Taunton, MA.
In 1640 he was deputy(from Taunton) to the General Court at Plymouth.
For more than twenty years he served as selectman, a certain proof of the high estimation in which he was held by his fellow-townsmen, and was often appointed on special committees for apportioning lands and establishing boundaries, proving his great ability and trustworthiness in all difficult questions which came up for settlement.
His home was on Dean Street, next east of his brother, John.
To him and his wife Ellinor, sister of John Strong were born children as follows: Joseph, Ezra, Abigail, James, William, Mary, Lydia, Isaac, Benjamin...(Ellinor, nee Strong, certainly lived up to her name!)
William(1651) married Mehitable Wood...their son
Josiah(1685) married Mary Bethia Peck...their son
Josiah(1716) of Lebanon, Connecticut married Thankful Thomas...their son
Daniel(1738) of Pompey, New York, married Elizabeth Pease...their son
Daniel(1774) moved to French Creek, New York, married Elizabeth Crandall...their son
Harvey(1798) married Mariah Boswich...their son
Daniel Allen Dean (1822) married Mary Jane Holmes...their son
Jesse Lyons Dean(1878) of Corry, Pennsylvania, married Clara Browning...the family relocated to Colorado/New Mexico where their son...
Earle Holmes Dean(1900) was born...the Dean's then moved to
Oakland, California where Earle met and married Dorothy Vivian Cecil...their son
Roger William Dean(1923) was born. He married Janiece Opal Walters and had
ME....(and Aunt Val and Uncle Jesse)


  1. Mom this is really cool! I should go look up Deane street in Plymouth!

  2.'s actually in Taunton...see the link...I wonder what kind of houses are there now...we'll have to look at street view in Google maps!