Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas Presents....

So I've been meaning to post about a couple of really fun Christmas presents...these were from Kendra....sorry it's taken me until March!

My blog book! Complete with a recipe index.

And these are custom made paper dolls...meant to look like me as a child! Kendra, you were really kind...this is a whole lot cuter than I was after about the age of 8 (when I got glasses and my mom permed my the days before the "fro" look was popular)

These dolls come with magnetic strips so you don't have to use the tabs...and a CD is included so you can print off more copies...

I was looking for a picture of me in my "cuter" days...and found this one which reminded me of this cute picture of Penny with a similar expression...I am about 3...I'm wearing a navy blue sweater and jumper knit by Grandma Dorothy..

Here I'm on the porch of our Kenwood Ave. house in San Jose...I'm about 5 1/2...Grandma Janiece made me that dress when I was 3 1/ orginally came below my knees...It was my Christmas dress...dark green taffeta with lace trimmed tarten plaid ruffles.

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  1. Wow mom you and Penny do look a lot a like! I can see it in the second picture as well.