Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recently Read: Healthy At 100

So, yes, this book is pretty interesting to those of us getting past "middle age"....but since so much of our health depends on how we live in the first half of our lives it has great info for every age.
This book describes the lifestyles of of four of the world's cultures that produce some of the healthiest old people...such as the Vilcabambans in the South American Andes...and he goes on to describe healthy exercise and nutrition styles that we've probably heard before...what's unique about this book is the last third of the book talks about how the biggest determiner of health as we age is the quality of our human relationships!
Interesting my link on Facebook this morning from was about Elder Ballard's talk on Strengthening Families...
Here are a few interesting ideas...
...four hugs a day are necessary for survival, eight are good for maintenance, and twelve for growth!
...the strongest predictor of which men would get cancer decades later turned out not to be smoking or obesity, but rather the lack of a close relationship with their fathers fifty years before. a heart disease study it was found that men who used the first-person pronouns the most often had the highest risk of heart trouble...self-absorption leads to weak hearts...It seems that the less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers...Listen with regard when others talk. Give of your time and energy to others; let others have their way; do thing for reasons other than furthering your own needs.
...In the 4 healthiest cultures, "Instead of going shopping, they go visit one another. They have need of few belongings, for they belong to each other."
...the main determinant of bone strength in women is not calcium's the amount of exercise they got between the ages of 12-22!(Hurray for girls sports)
...lack of emotional support was a greater risk factor for disease than smoking.
...when his daughter-in-law expressed her gratitude for the author and his wife's many hours of help with their twins, his wife're welcome...but do you have any idea what it would cost if we had to go out and rent grandchildren!