Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I've Been Doing Lately...WC Stake Women's Conference

Thursday was our annual Stake Women's Conference...We had six great classes; each was offered twice, so sisters could attend three of them...about 200 attended.

We served and Asian Salad...yummm....rolls and sliced oranges...

And a variety of Cupcakes!(a lot of calories were consumed by my family as they helped me research this project!)

More Cupcakes...

Yet MORE Cupcakes!!!
Classes included:
I Do, I Did, Now What?? (Gospel Centered Marriage)...Bishop Anthony and Marcia Damiano
Family Reunions (Easy, Fun Addictive)...Lisa Hansen
Ready, Set, Write! (Bring Sparkle to Your Life's Story) ...Marianne Hilburn
Quilts of Love (Life's Lessons Learned from Quilting)...Julie Shafer
If There Is Anything Yummy (Nutritious & Delicious Food)...Marisa Michael
Entering the Fitness M.T.C.(Making Fitness a Lifestyle)...Lindsay Bradburn

Lisa's Family Reunion Class.

A quilt from Julie Shafer's class..

Some of our favorite people attended...

A great event....we're really glad to have it be over!

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