Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...a good beginning

Hugh Nibley, Teachings of the Book of Mormon, Semester 1, p.2

…this is where the Book of Mormon comes in. It's like nothing else. It's the only answer you are ever going to get to that question in this dispensations(What am I doing here? How did I possibly get into this mess, What should I be doing?) In reading the Book of Mormon no one is ever doing something he shouldn't be doing. Most of the time he would be doing probably the best thing he could possibly be doing. If it is not itself the best thing to be doing, it will quickly put you onto the best thing to be doing because it will have a direct effect on you. It will change you; it will work on you.It is a personal intimate document. It will hit you. You can't just read the Book of Mormon and nothing else. It immediately puts you on the high road to what you should be doing, like no other book. And it will lead you directly into a course of thought or a course of action of the greatest significance to yourself and to the world you live in. In other words, it will enable you to break loose as nothing else can. Only the Book of Mormon breaks loose because it does break loose. It's like nothing else. Now we have the direct revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants, etc., but the Book of Mormon was brought by an angel, a tangible thing. …...

I was going to ask the question, how many have read the Book of Mormon? It's an utterly absurd question. It's like asking, have you seen the moon? Or have you been to North America? The answer is "yes," I suppose, but you haven't told me a thing. How much did you learn from that? With the Book of Mormon, it can mean anything. You can say, "I read the Book of Mormon." I remember when I would say that, and it didn't mean anything of course. It meant I had piled up so many pages and got my gold star; that was it. That's not what we are reading it for now.

(So I've got a lot more posting to make to 2011 that I haven't gotten around to yet...but rather than wait to start on 2012 until they are done, I'm just jumping in...I'll catch up on last year later...I hope!!!!)

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