Friday, January 6, 2012

An Adventure with Brady and Carson....(and Parker)

Brady and Carson and I went to see The Adventures of was great (and the first 3D movie I had seen much to the boys amazement!)

This was a great movie...the dog was the star....and named "Snowy" like Lindi and Sadie's dog.

The boys felt quite indulged as I let them get ice cream ...(Yes, Carson, you can both get "large"...)...and after the show we went to 5 Guys...Dustin met us with Parker who, I suppose after finally discovering that we had gone without him, (although Parker has yet to sit through an entire movie...many scary things, etc.) was having a melt down...he was still pretty sad (Parker really cherishes perceived injuries and slights, both physical and emotional...)when they arrived, even though we had gotten him a cheeseburger with just catsup...but cheered up when I told him I had my 3DS out in the car and he could play it when we got home...everyone ended up happy! ( Always a plus for the Grandma!)


  1. yes, they had a great time. you are standing here telling me to comment. now Kody feels sad when he's left at home!

  2. I loved the movie - not my first 3D but I'm not a real fan of the 3D - but loved the whole French feel of it. I took my grandkids to the Chipmunk movie - they go for more standard fare!!