Monday, February 13, 2012

Tanooki Parker

Parker IS Mario in his mind...he wears his Mario suit most of every day (and Kody wears the Luigi costume)....but last week Parker decided he wanted to be Tanooki Mario....(in the game Mario gets the special Tanooki suit- which looks like a little raccoon - when he finds a Tanooki gives him special powers and allows him to break blocks with his tail) Kendra got a brown sweatshirt (after we looked all over ebay, amazon, etc for ready made tanooki costumes) and I made him his own Tanooki suit....he was so delighted!!!!! But now I have to make another for Kody....


  1. and actually, you have to make another for Brady too :) i ordered 2 more sweatshirts today.

  2. You mean Carson doesn't want one???(of course he hates to go along with the crowd!)