Saturday, July 6, 2013

Word of Wisdom Chiasm...Kind of Cool

Our Sunday School lesson last week on Section 89 made me think of this interesting insight on the Word of is a very complex chiasm (Hebrew form of poetry).... to see one complete analysis go here...but here's a very simplified diagram I used in Seminary...

Word of Wisdom Chiasm (Section 89)

A   Word of Wisdom: A Principle with a PROMISE (v.3)
      B  For the Saints, the "don'ts, (commandments) (v.3, 5-9)
            C  Wholesome herbs & fruits (v.10-11)
                  D Flesh sparingly, times of famine (v. 12-13)
                        E Grain the staff of LIFE (v 14) (also, Christ the Bread of Life, our Center)
                  D  Beasts, in times of famine (v.15)
             C  Grain is good, also fruits (v.16-17)
        B  And all Saints obedient to Commandments (v.18)
A   Receive this PROMISE (v.18-21)

        The Promise: Health, Marrow, Wisdom, Treasures of Knowledge, Hidden Treasures, Run & Walk, Destroying angel will pass them by....