Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nancy Drew Genealogy...John Leslie Walter

So I thought I would describe some of my genealogical wanderings I can remember! and it may be of interest to any of you researching more on these family names...
First my search for John Leslie Walters (Grandma Janiece's biological father).... he is here on my tree...I don't know if you can view it by following the link if you don't have a subscription....let me know.
This is one of the few pictures we have of him as Grandma Della divorced him when mom(Janiece) was 4 years 1930.....more interesting stories about him to follow.

So I found John Leslie Walters in the 1940 Census. It wasn't exactly like I didn't know where he was because I had his WWII "old man" draft ....showing he was living in Muncie Indiana in 1942 with his 3rd wife, Leona. On the 1940 census Leona was listed as Leona Grant Walters.
 At first I thought her maiden name was Grant, and so I started searching for a Leona Grant born in 1893 in Ohio (from other info on the 1940 census) may ask why research her at all...well, what I'd really like to find out is John Leslie Walters death date/place...and also considering he is my biological grandfather, I am pretty interested in just finding out a little more about him....anyway I was interested in this Leona Grant. So in searching for her on Ancestry I came up with a lot of city directory listings for her...and came to find out that Grant was her married name...she was first married to a William L Grant, a doctor in Muncie Indiana....her maiden name was Dumar(from Ohio Birth Index) also found her can see her here on FindAGrave

This was all I found for a while...note someone posted her gravesite in 2011...but at the time I first looked at this last year, her husband's grave (John Leslie Walters) had not been added.
But earlier this year as I revisited this info, I rechecked FindAGrave and "voila!"...someone had posted his site with a full obituary!
So this finally gave me his death date and location. He didn't die until 1965...Grandma Janiece really wanted to find her father (although i'm sure Grandma Eck did NOT)...too bad we didn't have the resources to track him down before she died...although I'm sure he didn't want to be tracked down!

This obituary was pretty fascinating (to me, at least) as it listed his children by his first marriage (to Helen Gould) but made absolutely no reference to his children by Della...I really wonder if he told his 3rd wife, Leona, about the 2nd wife! I don't think he told Grandma Della when he married her that he was divorced and had 3 kids! Della was 19 and he was 33!
Anyway, from this obituary I found out the married name of his daughter, Jane, by his first wife...she married a Leo Hardy and they had a son named Roger who lived in Los Angeles.  His sons by his first wife, John Leslie and Richard, lived in Hemet, Riverside, CA...not far from Fresno where Gma Eck lived with Uncle Les.

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