Monday, June 1, 2015

Memory Lane - 1983

Well, I have a lot of family history stories that I've written for the FHE writing group (Skidmores, Grovers, Gardners). But I haven't gotten around yet to transferring them here...but I will soon. Meanwhile, I was looking through some of my old (very sporadic) journals from the 80's and thought I'd transcribe a few entries.
October 16, 1983 (This is a big "catchup entry")
(Karl is 13, Kendra is 6, Michael is almost 4, David is 14 months)

Christmas 1982

"Well(I was just noticing how often I start with that word)...I've been planning on starting this new journal since the Parry family reunion in Utah - and that was August 19. It was at Timp cabin by Sundance in Utah. We had a good trip - our first in the van  (the potato van) - we left about 10 pm...our usual time of departure...and broke down in Vacaville at 10:45.
I thought we'd be stuck at Motel 6 until a parts house opened the next morning, but we ran into people with tools and parts (!) who got us on our way about 2 am. (And this was a good trip?...hmmm...I guess just typical)
The reunion was good - It was fun staying with Jeanne - our kids get along really well together. John ,Gil, Karl,  Johnny Sanders, Rhett, and Colby went fishing a couple of days and caught about 40 big trout. It's about the best fishing Karl has ever seen.

Michael went one day too--but later had an asthma attack - We took him to Orem Community Hospital for some epinephrine and medication.

Virginia drove both Jeanne and I somewhat crazy - but nowhere near what she did when they stopped by here on their way back from Vancouver.  She was coming down with a cold and had been traveling for three weeks so she was understandably at the end of her rope, but she was really "ornery." When I served big beefsteak tomatoes from our garden she asked why I couldn't pick them greener.(That was SO Virginia!)

We went to Hiouchi on Sept 17 - to see Gma and Gpa. The van did fine - what a nice way to travel with the kids (seatbelts? probably...carseats, minimal) It was kind of hard being at Gma's with David. Actually it's hard being anywhere with David (sorry, Dave)- he really gets into everything.
oops! Forgot to take off my clothes before getting in the tub!

He's really turning into a cute little boy. He runs little cars on the floor and makes car noises. He says "mama" and "bye,bye" and "night, night" and barks like a dog.(So Dave wasn't really late with language...just had articulation problems)

Michael saw me cutting some swiss cheese - he said we should use some in the mouse trap to catch a swiss mouse.  He and Danny got attacked by bees yesterday when they went back by the hives.
Oakland Zoo Lions and Michael

I went to a Messiah practice tonight. It's nice being involved in that kind of music even though I'm really out of my league. (True!)

October 21, 1983
The battery blew up in the Ford as we were leaving to see Bugsey Malone. (This was a yellow Ford station wagon that we had actually bought of the few cars that didn't sit around broken for years as Dad later traded it to a patient who did the sheetrock texture in the addition)

October 29, 1983
Michael's comments about our pumpkin -
It's enormous! - the biggest in the area." When he was able to move it - he said, "I'm a pretty strong guy!" (Wish we'd had Instagram!)

November 1, 1983
Halloween party at Kathy Well's last night - Kendra was Annie - Michael was a skeleton. We got a black cat from the Well's - named Midnight Rider.

November 7, 1983
Michael wanted to sing the "polka dot song"...he meant the Hokie Pokie.

(Then followed an accounting of my day's activities)
Took the new kitten to visit Kendra and Michael's classes at school.  Washed, ironed (we did that in those days!), helped in Kendra's class, took David for a well check,went to Grandma Dorothy's to pick up walnuts she had shelled for me.(A fairly busy day...although like most moms I usually felt my days weren't very productive.)

John brought the TV home from the repair shop...and broke it again, sliding it into the back of the truck. He was rather upset.

November 10, 1983
Michael - talking to Danny, "My dad is a tooth checker and your Dad is an eye checker."

Skipped a couple of months here...

January 2, 1984
Christmas came and went. It was really enjoyable. Val, Dick, Matt and Grandma Dorothy came here Christmas day for dinner. After they left at 6:30 pm, we got ready and left at 8pm for Chula Vista - arrived at 7 am Monday, stayed until Tuesday pm, drove all night and got home at 4 am, Wednesday.

Karl went to his first dance on New Year's Eve - He went with Marcy and Michael (Busch) - They left the dance at 11:30 and went to Busch's to watch a movie - Karl got home at 3 am (I assume I knew where he was) the edge of adolescense

More to follow!