Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Memory Lane - 1984

Now it's 1984...

February 14
"Another exciting day (!) - Took Valentine cookies (frosted last night at 12 pm) to Kendra's class- took Michael to school...home for presidency meeting with Terry and Barb (Terry Wheeler was RS pres, I was 1st C, Barbara Christianson was 2nd C)...left at 10:45 for See's to get another box of candy for one of John's employees (he actually asked me to go to See's on the 14th?)...and a basketball for him.

Back to pick up Michael from Terry's - picked up Danny so Vick could go up to school. Then she dropped by and talked until Lindsay came for her piano lesson.  Then picked up Karl - home and took Kendra and Dana to gymnastics. Took Valentine's cookies to Kathy Martin and Lucy Hanson (my v teachers), then to bank and Long's before picking up the girls.

...Home to dinner, etc. Helped Kendra learn math - addition with borrowing - did most of the wash. John was at basketball

27 February 1984

David had a fever - 104; Michael has a cold too & asthma. Got Pulmo-Aide for him. Washed, made up toy order (Discovery Toys...I was a consultant at the time); took care of Sam, made Boston Cream Pie for family night, cooked Swis steak in crock pot. I finished the "Munch Math" program (typing it into our Commadore 64!)- it actually works! Food club meeting tonight. Family Night lesson on budgeting (probably the last discussion we ever had about it).

29 February 1984
Leap year - Grandma Eck called last night - Anna passed away from cancer - she is Harold's (Grandma's brother) wife.

Typed in three computer programs this week (I have no idea what) Woman of Destiny by Orson Scott Card.

March 6, 1984

Vicki called this morning to ask Karl to dispose of their pet rat that died during the night and no one in their family could stand to touch it.  When Kendra heard she would pay him she volunteered for the duty. She took a shoebox and tape and my rubber gloves and went down there and buried it. Vicki paid her $3.00

April 22, 1984
Lot's going on - I was made Primary President last Sunday. I've probably risen to my level of incompetance -

Virginia and Gil brought Ed and Ged by last Wednesday. Virginia and Gil left Friday AM and Ed and Ged will stay until next Wednesday...

May 2nd

Michael told me the whole Ester story on the way hom from Dad's tonight - when he got to where the stone was rolled away he says, "I just love this part!"  He knew all about Mary coming and thinking Jesus was a gardner...

No more entries until early 85...the pressures of kids and Primary evidently caught up with me...and being pregnant with Mark!