Friday, July 31, 2009

July Birthdays...and Rocky Road Cake

Most of our family birthdays are in the winter...but we do have two in July:

July 24....ME! Someday I'm going to be in Utah for my birthday... we are having Rocky Road Cake (appropriate for a birthday!) Carson is helping me blow out a match being used in lieu of candles (we won't say how many)...

July 31.... Dave! Who was really supposed to be born on July 10...but came 3 weeks (yes, that's 21 days) LATE and weighed 11 he is one year later.

Dave always managed to celebrate his birthday for at least a week ...maybe even a month...and then in December and Januaray when we had so many other birthdays (Karl, Mike, Mark, Kendra)...we'd usually get David a present too so he wouldn't feel left out!

Rocky Road Cake (from Gma Janiece)

1 purchased angel food cake, torn into pieces into a 9 x 13 glass pan

1 large (12 oz) pkg of chocolate chips

3 eggs, separated

1/3 C sugar

1 pint whipping cream

Melt chocolate chips (I use the microwave...we used to melt them in the top of a double boiler
Whip egg whites until stiff
Whip the cream

The original instructions said, "Stir egg yolks and sugar into the melted chocolate chips; then fold into whipped cream and add whipped egg whites...pour over angel food cake pieces, refrigerate.

But sometimes the eggs cause the chocolate to really harden up and even after adding it to the cream, there are little chunks of chocolate that don't completely disperse.

So Kendra just blended the egg yolks and sugar into the cream and then mixed in the chocolate and egg whites. It seemed to work better...if you're worried about raw egg yolks (and that would be no one who eats raw cookie dough which eliminates everyone in our family)...Kendra says that now you can buy pasturized eggs.


  1. Carson is super cute. Rocky Road cake is super yummy.

  2. yes. yes. yes. mom can you put up the apple pie recipe? i think i'm going to need it.